Objectives of the project

a) Undertake initiatives and activities aiming to demonstrate how to use the multi-stakeholder model in the process of elaborating regulatory Internet policies and Internet domestic policies;

b) Work together on a national process on developing an IoT Security Framework for Senegal that will mitigate the security risks associated with Internet of Things (IoT);

c) Work to promote good practices in the process of Internet Governance in the African region, by refereeing and using, wherever appropriate, a participatory multi-stakeholder model.

d) Cooperate and render mutual assistance and encourage the attendance of their stakeholders to meetings, seminars, workshops and/or conferences to further the goals of the project .

e) Exchange research information and training material (whether printed, audio or visual) related to Internet Governance and IoT Security in general.

f) Collaborate in the development and maintenance of training content which is related to the Internet Governance and IoT security in general.

g) Provide attribution to the Party when making use of any jointly-developed materials, or materials having content developed jointly.