The Internet Society and Senegal Partners shall explore other potential areas of collaboration that are consistent with their respective mandates and areas of expertise.

Further to the achievement of any common objectives that may be agreed, the Parties intend to consider the following ways to collaborate with each other on the common objectives identified above.

(a)  Share knowledge, ideas and lessons learned;

(b) Plan joint activities in areas of common interest;

(c) Pool efforts and expertise;

(d) Utilize and leverage their existing resources and facilities towards mutual advantage and benefit;

(e) Collaborate on the promotion, preparation and organization of workshops, conferences and/or training seminars;

(f) Collaborate on the organization and execution of projects or research;

(g) Jointly engage in dialogue with stakeholders and other interested parties in activities being pursued under project; and

(h) Collaborate on ways to join with other entities engaged in similar and complementary activities, especially with Canadian multistakeholder IoT Security project members, or any others related to those being pursued under project.